William Gibson's Script for Alien 3

I remain unsatisfied with Alien3. It is visually stunning since it is David Fincher’s work but he disowned the project in the long run. The movie lacks emotional weight of the first two but I do like the setting. I knew there were lots of differences between original scripts and the final cut and so started Googling. I found a synopsis of William Gibson’s script for a third Alien movie.

Newt and Hicks live. The alien becomes communicable through spores which transform human DNA. Newt makes a map for Ripley to find her at her grandparents house once she gets back to earth. Bishop is rebuilt. Ripley remains in stasis for the whole film (Hicks ejects her off the ship when things get hairy) with Hicks becoming the hero which wildly throws off the gender dynamic of the underlying mythos.







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  1. moby Avatar

    What did you think of Resurrection?

  2. Andy Avatar

    I thought Wynona was horribly miscast. Something about her voice and accent really grate on my nerve. Something about her swallowed flat quality and hard Rs gets me. I thought it started out good and seemed to borrow some elements from the comics. I’ve never understood why they didn’t use the comics more – here was a whole treasure trove of additional information and ideas in Dark Horse series and they didn’t take advantage of it. The comics with an adult Newt were great.

  3. big sis Avatar
    big sis

    I like Bishop’s line: I’m taking the long view. Said in the same tone as “I may be synthetic, but I’m not stupid”

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