Why Romney/Ryan Could Win

“At issue is not that R&R are such bad or good candidates, but that people have been fed such hatred toward Obama over the last 4 years they want to have any person but him in the WH. Sure Obama has had his issues, but many of the problems were exacerbated and the lack of resolution is due to a completely dysfunctional governing body that decided the election process is more important that the governing process. This is why we have hundreds of bills from the past few years that address politicians need to win voters’ approval as opposed to passing bills that improve the operation of the country. The end result is that is that the blame is laid squarely on Obama when in fact, it was in large part due to the house stymieing every effort to make anything work. Coupled with the fact that Obama was not a bull in the china shop early on, did not take advantage of the early majority he had when he took office and the false narrative of an ineffectual administration is easy to play out. Finally, the GOP is simply better at smear and it has taken Obama a few years to get his skin thickened.”

Paul Ryan as Romney’s running-mate | MetaFilter.





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