Why I Don't Respect Ducks

In a completely unrelated thread, Reddit user i_dont_respect_ducks explains himself:

“All ducks are frauds, liars, and con artists. Take some time off this weekend and go to a local park with ducks or any other facility that ducks would frequent. Approach a duck. Look at it in the eye. Really look at in the eye. Do you see it? I thought so.

You see hate. You see corruption. You see bribery. You see all of the sins this particular duck has committed. And then you imagine all ducks have probably committed sins just like that duck. You think of how many ducks exist in the world. You are disgusted. You throw up.

And you know what that duck does? He stares at you with contempt. He knows what you’re going through, but he doesn’t care. He has seen the world burn and will continue to contribute to the burning of the world. He does not care for morality or ethics. He simply cares for the demise of all living things. He cares only for himself.

The duck is a liar. The duck is a fraud. The duck is selfish. The duck is evil. And that is why I don’t respect ducks. also they’re annoying as fuck”

From http://www.reddit.com/r/MLS/comments/2rjwla/kansas_city_wizards_marketing_commercial_from/cngzlh9






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