Why He Doesn't Masturbate to Pictures of You

” Now, assuming that he is masturbating for reasons other than sexual dissatisfaction, why is he using porn? Simple, habit. When men first start masturbating it is usually experimentation with new feelings of arousal, this arousal is most often triggered by visual stimulus. The two things become linked such that when he wants to feel arousal he seeks out visual stimulation, this invariably leads to porn use.
So women ask “why can’t he masturbate to pictures of me, rather than these other women?” It is probable that his relationship with you goes beyond the sexual, so if he were to masturbate to images of you this would bring complex emotions into an activity from which he is looking to fulfil a simple physical desire. tl;dr He masturbates because he wants some physical pleasure without involving complex emotions, and he’s conditioned himself to use porn to do that. It’s no reflection on you or his feelings or desires for you.”

via TrishaMacmillan comments on Two X here; can someone please explain why when my SO watches porn it shouldnt make me feel inferior?.






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