When Bloggers Kiss

Jake and I did well with our debut – one night only! – as chaperones at the prom in Scarrie. I was the emibttered nerd and Jake was the trophy husband. And then in the show I played an embittered nerd and he played a trophy husband. It is a fun show – I think the wig that Ed Jones wears as Carrie’s mother makes the entire show. Strange for a Cerda show – there is a lot of womanflesh in this production (brought on of course by the opening shower scenes). Usually Cerda tries to pack some manflesh into his plays. Plus, Jake and I were backstage amongst actors continuously changing clothes and I remember how once you’ve done a few plays you just ‘get over’ being pretty much naked in front of your cast members.

Met Jake’s beau George whose blue eyes are as dreamy in person as they are in the pictures (ignore Jake’s distended, faux pregnant belly). Also met their friend Rafael who I have seen in the neighborhood for a while and was finally nice to meet.

Ron and Gilbert had dinner at Ecce then had dessert at Nookies whilst I had a turkey burger.

Back home now. I was sorta irritated most of the day. I feel a little discombobulated today. I’m sure applying a purring kitten to my forehead will soothe my worries. Nighty-night.






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