When a Debate Isn't

Connie Rice details why tonight’s debate is nothing but:

A debate is a head-to-head, spontaneous, structured argument over the merits of an issue. Under the ridiculous 32-page contract that reads like the rules for the Miss America Pageant, there will be no candidate-to-candidate questions, no rebuttal to your opponent’s points, no cross questions or cross answers, no rebuttals, no follow-up questions — that’s not a debate, that’s a news conference.

Though I wished this was actually in the rules:

Candidates shall at no time insert fingers in their own throats to signify urge to vomit.






2 responses to “When a Debate Isn't”

  1. JC Avatar

    Those would be good rules. I am adjusting to your new site and I like the color scheme.

  2. Andrew Avatar

    The rules are rediculous. I’m actually posting this comment because I couldn’t find any other way to email you. I noticed at your old site that you are interested in theatre…if you haven’t already heard, there is a new Jane Martin play being produced around the country for free (if you see it before the election) titled “Laura’s Bush” and described as “a satirical satyr play.” It’s being produced in Chicago, but unfortunately the dates don’t work for me to fly up there. You can check it out at http://www.laurasbush.com. We may try to do a staged reading here as a benefit for Kerry Kentucky of No on the Amendment. I’m reading the script and it is outrageous!

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