What's Your Least Favorite Christmas Carol?

As a pianist and member of the high school choir, we’d start Christmas music rehearsals in October. And that is why I contend most musicians hate Christmas carols, most dancers are sick of The Nutcracker and most theatre-folk can’t take another round of A Christmas Carol.

I think my least favorite carols would have to be:

‘Jingle Bells’ sung by that one lady (is it Judy Garland?) where it’s jazzy and syncopated – it’s manic and makes me anxious. Juh-juh-juh-juh-juh Jing Gul Bells! Juh-juh-juh-juh-juh Jang Gul Bells!

‘Sleighride’ or whatever it’s called. If the whipcrack isn’t present in the recording – I imagine it in the right place.

‘Snow’ from White Christmas. I want to wash my hands, my face and hair in snow. WHAT?!

And the all time worst Christmas carol ever – the one I cringe every time I hear it and shrink away from the sheet music when I see it:

‘The Little Drummer Boy.’








8 responses to “What's Your Least Favorite Christmas Carol?”

  1. JC Avatar

    Amen to that. I am also not a fan of the one that has the line “glory to the newborn king.”

  2. hot toddy Avatar

    I would have to say Carol of the Bells is my most annoying carol. It’s so monotonous and a bit frantic. Like my life.

  3. Andy Avatar

    I think someone should do a megamix of ‘Carol of the Bells’ along with the manic themes from Halloween and The Exorcist.

  4. Orbicon Avatar

    Feliz Navidad makes me cringe.

  5. Rob Avatar

    Honestly, at this point, having listened to XM 23 for an entire drive across the country, my least favorite carol is anything by Mannheim Steamroller. Could anything be more overrated?

  6. RcktMan Avatar

    A. I love the Carol of the Bells/Exorcist/Halloween idea. The humor in that just kills me. (badum bum)

    B. I am a bit shocked that nobody has completely flared you for getting the Jingle Bells singer wrong. (Clutching the pearls the whole time.) It’s Barbra Streisand. Are you sure you’re gay? 😉

    C. I don’t know that Snow song. But if it’s any worse than Sisters from White Christmas, I don’t want to hear it.

    D. Sorry. I like Little Drummer Boy and Sleigh Ride.

    E. But if there was one song I could do without it’s The Twelve Days of Christmas… God almighty, END IT ALREADY.

  7. palochi Avatar

    “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”

    Gah f*cking gah! Will it EVER end???

    I am certain that whomever wrote and/or recorded this trainwreck of a song (and is probably making beaucoup $$$ from it) has a special garden apartment for them reserved in Hell. And they’ll be roommates with Jim Varney (“Ernest Goes to…”) and the “You Might Be A Redneck” guy.

  8. homer Avatar

    Oh, I actually like the Little Drummer Boy song- especially when David Bowie and Bing Crosby sung it together.

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