Went to a modeling agency

Went to a modeling agency this morning. I’d read they were having an open call. So I gathered up all my courage and took the taxi from worked talked to the main guy in charge. He said I have a nice body, a good profile and I’m a prettyboy. That was good to hear. But that I’m too short for runway – I already knew that. But he did refer me to another agency that is looking for guys my type. Rock on! Stay tuned…
Had lunch with Brigitte and then we sat by the river and talked for a while.
Nick called and one of his friends knocked his girlfriend up. And the kicker is: he wanted to. HOW FUCKING STUPID. She’s insured? Yeah – but what about diapers, formula, pre-school and everything else. He’s working two jobs, she’s working one. Who’s gonna raise the child. They’re going to raise the baby together but they’re not going to live together. Yeah – go back and reread that. It is things like that that make me feel nobody ever deserves a handout for anything. Adoption? Contraception? Jesus – that makes me so angry!






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