Welcome Guest Blogger Sam

After Sam put Mad Life on hiatus he suddenly started commenting more on everybody else’s blogs. I figured he wouldn’t want to go totally cold turkey. I’ve since invited him to be a Senior Correspondent (sort of like John King on CNN).

I’ve also added three guest bloggers to my pro blog which is ending up being a ton of fun because it brings different perspectives.






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  1. […] blogging at Madlife anymore (tear), he has now joined Andymatic as a guest blogger “Senior Correspondent.” Good times, y’all! (Yeah, I’ve decided that […]

  2. Paulie Sabol Avatar


    What is the extent of your blogging activities? How long have you been doing it all and how does it aid you both interpersonally and / of professionally?

    Thank you for this background for a new blogger boy!

    Paulie Sabol

  3. Andy Avatar

    You know you’re right – I haven’t added back in all the ‘who the hell’ info that my old blog templates used to have. Here’s a thumbnail.

    I’ve been blogging for almost 4 1/2 years (older archives being gradually re-imported as I edit, proofread and sanitize them when necessary to not ruin a bid for the White House). Started with Blogger, then moved to Movable Type, then flipped to WordPress. In the coaching realm – I was the first coach to start blogging with putting Coachamatic (my techie tips site) into a blog format – I started teaching blogging by teleseminar I think about 2 years ago with Weblogging 101 (with Blogger) and then moved to TypePad when I morphed the course into Easy Bake Weblogs. I’m currently getting proofreading comments back on my business blogging book that will be (e)published in the coming weeks and getting ready to launch 2005 in earnest with getting as many entrepeneurs and visionaries blogging as possible.

    Personally, blogging is an outlet to keep me writing – I’ve always been a compulsive diarist and I’ve found it a great record of who I’ve been and who I am. It’s jarring to see the difference in what I posted four years ago and what I post now – and just as jarring to see what’s the same. I used to post a lot more personal/intimate details on my blog but have since reigned that in since often clients stumble on my personal blog – I think it’s alright for them to know I’m a big bleeding heart liberal rather than any kind of overt selfish hedonism (that’s what my handwritten journal is for!).

    Professionally, blogging has helped me connect quicker with colleauges and customers and build a reputation of trust with people I barely even know. It was so gratifying to be at a conference last year and I introduced myself and one lady said “Coachamatic! I love your blog and your sense of humor!” Maybe marketing freaks would be upset she hadn’t bought anything from me yet but she knew me more personally than any product page could convey. Currently it is exciting to get on a teleseminar call and have some of the same clients from past calls calling in. I’ve had people from Australia, New Zealand, India, UK and Mexico in my seminars and that is so amazing to me that we can all meet together by phone/blog and share experiences and a good laugh. I love teaching people (my parents are both teachers) and helping others self-publish.

  4. Sam Kleinman Avatar

    I’ve been at this blogging thing for somewhere around 4 years. It’s fuzzy now…

    For most of this time, I’ve been doing the collabrative blogging experience, which I’m glad hasn’t really caught on (it’s what gives me an edge, I think). I’m really fond of the effect, both in terms of the output, and in terms of what happens behind the scenes.


  5. Amanda Avatar

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