wednesday, may 30

I got the film role with the student director at the School of the Art Institute. I think it’ll be fun

I got a lot done at work the last two days. Two projects I’ve worked weeks on are finishing up – or at least entering a new phase of completion. I’m spent a long three weeks wrestling with MS Access functions and expressions. Praise God. I am halfway through the bag of veal patties I got from Sam’s Club three weeks ago. I’m about veal-ed out. I’m starting to feel Veal Guilt too about the baby moo moo.

I went to see an acupuncturist today. I think that this will be my summer alternative health adventure – akin to my rolfing this past winter. I see it as a continuing quest to conquer my propensity for anxiety attacks and depression. The doctor (he’s a certified M.D. in Western Medicine as well sa Chinese medicine) felt my pulse on both wrists and said that my allergies are caused by weak lungs. The anxiety comes from the kidneys not being active enough – that the kidneys are allied with Water and it isn’t able to balance the Fire from my heart – which explains the internal heat i.e. anxiety. We even did an initial treatment – I was very nervous for the first needle. It was nothing. A little sharp when he put one in either wrist and a little numb with the one on the top of my head but totally bearable. I said to the guy, ‘Is that all you got? Is that the best you can do?” I guess I was expecting a harpoon.

From: Brigitte
Subject: The Ultimate Scone

I found it.? The scone to end all scones.? It can be found in the coffee shop in the 680 Building (Playboy Headquarters) called Torrefazione.
It is my new found indulgence in life.

I woke up just in time to get off at the right bus stop. I’d tried writing in my journal but the post morning run endorphin rush was ebbing and I nodded off – waking up as more and more people were on the bus and then less and less – my eyes opened and I saw the Art Intitute and I got off the bus and here I am. I think this is all because I found a lucky penny this morning. I have this strange relationship with lucky pennies. It is like when I find them there are things afoot in my life – I don’t know if it is because I’m being more attentive or God the Universe is talking back but it always makes me a little more attentive.







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