wednesday, march 7

From: Karen
To: Andy

When and where should I pick your scrawny white ass up to go to the SAM’s [Club]
wonderland? Just so you know…the correct answer is 4-ish somewhere on
Michigan ave.

From: Andy
To: Karen

(I have the wrong answer – my Sam’s card is at home but you’re coming up
north anyway so I’ll be at home before you leave – or you can pick me up and
we can swing by my place and grab the Sam’s card on the way up!)

From: Karen
To: Andy

I can barely control the contempt I feel for you right now. It is
unfathomable to me that I can survive working with such a cold hearted clod
with absolutely no concept of right and wrong. I cannot believe that I am
still alive, actually, let alone living with enough patience to withstand
any further moment I will be forced to spend with the likes of you. I have
several lists…and you are at the bottom of all of them.

I might as well pick your sorry ass up on Michigan Ave, go let my bitch [her dog, Cressida] out
while you get your goddamned Sam’s card and then we’ll go. I have to have
the car back by 6:30 for my ass brother. you better plan on being somewhere
around me at 4:00, or I will nail your testicles to my dog’s cage for her to
play with and root through (as if they were la baby).






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