wednesday, july 18

Boxing this morning rocked. It’s starting to get in my bones and I’m starting to hit back a little harder. Learned a few blocks and pins today which is useful since I’m short. So is the Jerome, the instructor.

Yesterday totally kicked my ass. I was all over the place. At least acupuncture forces me to take a nap for an hour. Blocked episodes 1 and 2 of Sinister last night. I love directing. I get this huge grin on my face when I’m doing it. Totally love it. My gaze is so crazy when I’m doing it. I hope it doesn’t scare the actors. Sarah and Nicole are trying to figure out how to justify the whole arc they got since I added the last line twist to the whole story. Went to T______’s afterwards to deliver a CD with a client’s project on it to him. I know I looked like holy hell walking in. He said, ‘I don’t see how you keep going!’ I’m finding myself getting enveloped in the need to be integral – and to what? – to a multiline insurance company that really doesn’t give a crap about me as a person.






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