wednesday, january 24

From: E_____
To: Andy

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…………Yes I know that J____. We met on
the Yahoo personals. I would write to him and he would write back with
really short answers hinting that we should get together. So finally we
spoke on the phone because I was getting tired of talking about “not much”
over email. I remember he had a really munchkin type voice. He invited me to
“watch movies” with him , his roommate, and his roommate’s friend……..I
felt a little odd in that I didn’t even know him let alone his roommate and
friend, so just told him I was busy that evening. He was leaving a 2 week
vacation and then again on another one so we decided to meet the day before
he left. He was “bigger” than his voice sounded so I commented on that. I am
pretty direct 🙂 ANyway, he came back with a slight insult “for someone
who is pretty familiar with the latino culture, I am surprised that you
would because I am Mexican, I would be shorter”

Oh no you don’t !!!

I never said anything about ethnicity, I just remeber thinking of the Wizard
of Oz….but didn’t think it ould be appropriate to say that….i wonder

Anyway, in the same conversation I found out that he is a social worker (
Danger …Danger…Will Robinson ANdy) and of the social workers I have
dated, they have all been the same- always analyzing you and they really
have a slight superiority complex because they think they understand
evrything AND YOU. Everything becomes a “discussion” that you can’t win
because in their minds, they think they know you so well and your responses
all stem from some other thingamajig……..

Anyway, I didn’t put myself in a postion for a on night stand, because I had
not seen him yet or really known what he was looking for. Actually i had an
idea with his previous invitations and lack of response to some subtle
thooughts I had written in my letters to him. So we parted and the next day
I was visiting my friend C______ who lives across the street from J____. I
started talking about the guy I had just met who lived in front of him.
C_____ then tells me that he did him over the winter. It was one of those
“late night” internet hookups. I know C______, he is one of those true
internet whores- the ones who have it down to a science wih pictures, etc. I
just assumed that J____ was as equally aware of what he was doing.

ANyway, I didn’t say anything to J____ about this because well…who knew,
maybe we would become good friends(sure…) at least. I had gotten the “you
a very nice friend” letter from J____ before he left and told me he would
call me when he was back in town. That we would go out for dinner or rent a

I remembe writng back with a response trying to probe a little as to what he
actually wanted… response, just a “i am back for only a day, but we
get together when I get back this time”

He never wrote back, and I knew he had gotten backat the beginning of
Oct…..I even saw him on the AOL IM alert a couple times. So I wrote him a
kinda pissy letter saying what I thought he was looking for but didn’t have
the balls to come out and say (that he just assumed I was a top and
therefore had no interest) …..or else he would have at least foolowed up
on his friendship offer. Anyway, with all the sequnce of events…it was all
pretty obvious to me what was up, but he was bent on being a “nice
guy”… he lied and said his computer crashed and he lost all his
information , phone numbers etc…….and couldn’t contact me…..just to
try and turn it around on me.

If his computer really lost everything….how was I able to reach him at
Yahoo, AOL IM, etc…….at the same log in? Yahoo is a server based email
system. A crash on your end doesn’t erase their base. When you logged back
in, you would still ahve your old files…..

Anyway, it was rather obvious he was just making up an excuses……he had
my phone # and my last name, etc.

Truth is I probably shouldn’t have written the letter , but it happened
during my “fuck with me and I’ll let you have it” ….especially the fact
that he kept it up so long, wasting my time.

But most importantly…..not to be too shallow ( I am going to hell…but at
least I am honest)….

He has an abnormally small penis….and he is a top to add insult to injury,
C_____ tld me they couldn’t even do hardly anything….and he is easy.

To: E_____
From: Andy


To: J______

I gotta cancel on ya. Sorry. Client meetings cropping up. Have a good weekend…






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