wednesday, january 16

The father-son conflict has ebbed. Some very messy honesty was dragged out into the harsh light of day and we both said very hurtful honest things. But I feel like it’s some sort of turning point. That now that all that was said and done that things will be better, truer.

In other news: I’m supposed to have a interview with a modeling agency this afternoon – I am wearing a nice black clingy shirt – only I didn’t notice the big massive grease track across the front of it. It looks like I fell down on a White Castle. I have to go guy a shirt now in an hour or so.

Karen turned 27 on Monday. Brigitte and I threw her a pizza party at Brigitte’s. Giordano’s even gave us a bonus free pizza because we ordered so much. I bought Moose Tracks ice cream. Alan and Jessi brought Krispy Kremes. I had a piece of cake with a Krispy Kreme and ice cream all on one plate. You can’t beat that.






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