wednesday, february 28

Alright Heather I’ll blog! 🙂 (she’s concerned her little brother hasn’t blogged – so this one’s a doozy)

Quote from a female friend who shall remain anonymous:

I don’t want a hand. I don’t want a vibrator. I want a cock in my hole!

Rehearsals are going well. Gave a pep talk last night to my cast to re-focus and re-energize – we’ve reached a great level of quality with the shows and I’m trying to stop feeling like we’re coasting until we get in the space on Saturday. That is when all hell breaks loose and realize how shitty my blocking is. It’ll be a stressful day for all. Plus we’re trying to add in sound and lights all at the same time. Still don’t understand why the show that opens in the space on Monday and Wednesday gets like eight days of tech and we get three – and I’m paying three times more for the space then we are (since we’re prime time). Plus they’re telling us the CD player is iffy. WHAT? I’m not paying no goddamn $800 a week for a theatre with a sound system that might not work. Fuck that. I’m all about a rent break on that shit. Karen and I went up Broadway yesterday and posted posters. There’s something refreshing about going into a shitload of businesses and asking them if you can put a poster up and would like to buy a program ad? Some people are total fucking retards though. One lady asked to see the poster – considered it and then told us she’d think about it but she couldn’t say how long she’d put the poster up. SMALL LITTLE LIVES!

The raccoon-ness is almost gone.

Whew. Paying bills today and ripping off lots of copies at work. Tonight we hit Spin’s Dollar Drink Night (aka Dollar Twink Night) – we’re going in with bruised faces and postcards and labels and coupons. I want s________ to be a theatre company that you don’t just want to see our plays – you want to party with us as well. Almost got all my mass emailing out to my peeps as well as I’ve bombed (employer) Insurance with postcards to everybody I’ve ever worked with in the past three years. I’m wired. I need lunch.

Had a good workout this morning. I’m looking pretty damn good if I say so myself. It’s rewarding – I’m trying to focus less on any sort of weight scale and more on how I look and feel – plus I’m making some gains with my weights so I know I’m getting somewhere. I start month three of the Men’s Fitness year-long thingy. Though I’m cheating a little – I haven’t been doing legs lately. Need to fix that.

My Palm V seems to be ditching my to do list. Must remedy this. Schisse!

Got Webvan coming tomorrow morning. I want to have my place stocked so I’m good to go until after opening weekend.

I’m disappointed in Lords of Acid’s latest album, Farstucker. They’re moving back into rock from techno and I’m not liking it as much. Voodoo-U remains they’re best in my opinion, followed by Our Little Secret, Lust (an oldie) and Heaven Is An Orgasm has 1/3 quality tracks. Their techno is a nice change from Amber and Anastacia. Will be fun to go clubbing tonight – I’ve never brought the straight gang with us – they’ve never seen Andy in a sleeveless black shirt workin’ it. Maybe Brigitte and Karen will get hit on. Or Lingo.

from Metafilter:

Florida Teen Charged With Felony For Taping Chemistry Class

ReplayTV’s 30-second skip feature has the power to bring free commercial television to its knees.

I think eventually we’ll just have persistent ads that sit on the television screen. So I’ll have to get a black piece of paper and tape it up to avoid seeing the commercials. That or companies could actually make products that people want to buy.

[David] Leisure said he waited several weeks before committing to [playing] Joe [Isuzu] again, partially out of worry that he would be typecast.

When you’re hungry there’s no such thing as bad typecasting.

SHIT! It’s Ash Wednesday – I plum forgot! I gotta get my forehead ashed. And I think I’ve finally decided what I’m giving up for Lent. I’m gonna give up restraint.







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