We Don't Need a Draft

Something that’s simmered in my head is how can we invade Iran without a military draft.
Simple. We aren’t sending troops. Just nuke the shit out of them. Now that we’re opened up the shock-and-awe box, Pandora is pissed.

The more impersonal the carnage is, the more it is done with infrared and theatricalized to be war-porn, the less matter human suffering becomes.






7 responses to “We Don't Need a Draft”

  1. Lyle Avatar

    My dad fought in WWII.

    It was very personal. He didn’t see the guy who shot him… but he has the metal left his body to prove he was shot.

    War was personal as hell then.

    And, yet he still has psychic scars.

    Distance is such a great way to try and lessen those scars.

    But, it don’t work.

    Won’t work.

    Didn’t work… at Nagasaki.


  2. Andy Avatar

    If everyone’s vaporized then there’s no post-traumatic stress (for the enemy, that is).

  3. Geoman Avatar

    Just because the Iranians don’t heave enough enriched Uranium to make a nuclear bomb doesn’t mean that they don’t have nuclear weapons. All of those Russian satellite nations with nuclear weapons desperately in need of cash reserves and oil might possibly lose a missile or two (or three or four) for ready funding. You know that the current administration (?) will surely screw this up…we’re in deep doo-doo when both sides are manned by ignorant, quasi-religious leaders who believe that God/Allah is on their side.

  4. Bill Avatar

    George and his neocon buddies have initiated a process in the Middle East that is already failing, and in its failing is creating new unforeseen problems that appear to be destabilizing not only that region of the world, but the entire world. It’s time to rein in the Republicans, before all is lost.

  5. Jo Avatar

    the real problem is that men run the world. women have to take over. the only solution men have for problems is war. there are better solutions.

  6. Andy Avatar

    I really don’t think having women in power would change anything. Ovaries don’t equal peace. Yes, the conquering countries would probably have more gender equality but the losers would still have their people and resources scrapped. Just because someone can give birth doesn’t mean they have any more appreciation for life in all of it’s forms. That same logic can be perverted with the maternal imperative to protect the family at all costs.

    You ever seen women fight over shoes?

    Lip Magazine: If Women Were in Power, Nothing Would Be Different

    Religious zealots with nukes of any denomination are cause to be concerned.

  7. Beastmomma Avatar

    It seems like as war becomes more like a video game, then people want to win. The enemy becomes more distant and someone to defeat instead of come to peace with. I also agree that having ovaries does not equal being a better leader.

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