We Can Still Have The Revolution

A Sanders support to Berners that won’t support a Clinton nomination:

“I just want to say that I really, ardently took this line in 2000 and it was the wrong line to take. I was really, really shocked and surprised to see just how much worse the Bush administration turned out to be than I had anticipated – partly because they had the great opportunity of September 11, of course, but I think I’d also substantially underestimated how terrible they were.

“Think about a world where we had, maybe, a bombing campaign in the Middle East instead of Iraq II. Merely bad treatment of Muslims internationally instead of Guantanamo and virtually legalized torture? Maybe half the homeland security bullshit? Maybe half the economically retrograde bullshit? Consider how much better the world would virtually certainly be if we’d elected a Democrat – sure, bad things would have happened, but the farcically terrible violence of of the 2000s would have been dialed way, way down. Think of the knock-on effects – everything would be less fucked up in the Middle East, for instance; we would have less government spying…and we would not have had eight years of open Islamophobic racism and cheerleading for torture that paved the way for Trump and our current predicament.

“And then think about President Trump if we have another major terrorist attack in the US. If I were a terrorist, in fact, I’d be crossing my fingers that Trump would get elected, because a good solid Paris-style shoot-em-up here while he was president would sink this country into the sea. God knows what he’d do – battlefield nukes? Actually putting Muslim Americans in camps?

“Voting for a Democrat does not implicate you in anything, any more then using a computer means that you can’t complain about capitalism because after all someone paid for that computer. People of good will and principles make survival decisions under duress; there is no need to worry about compromising your ideals because you vote occasionally. (I say this only because it was something I used to worry about.)

“We can still have the revolution even if we elect Clinton, you know?”

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