Watering Holes and Movie Ephemera

Had a good time yesterday afternoon at the Chicago Gay Bloggers meetup at Cocktail. I was a bit nervous when I first got there simply because I’m always nervous meeting new people but eventually calmed down and had a good time. And we escaped without agreeing to make any sort of manifesto – often when bloggers start to congregate they get delusions of world change. This was nice and low-key.

Can’t remember everybody’s name but learned that yes, Richie, is the guy at the gym in the morning on the treadmill that I sometimes toss a smile or sideways ogle to. He was all dressed up and said he’d just come from work when I really just think he wanted to be the most dapper person there – given that he used to be in pageants as a kid.

Met Alan, Charles, Scott, Rick, Kevin, Joon and a bunch of others. About a dozen in total. And we had one gal, Robin (not sure if she’s a blogger or not). We should do a concerted outreach to our Sapphic sistren next time.

Robin was fun – she was trying to explain the trials of being a non-obvious lesbian. That she’s not really the dyke-ish flannel type or the total lipsticked type – but a ‘tweener’ as she described.

It was fun to 1) get out of the house 2) meet new people and 3) talk about pretty normal stuff like Dune, Lord of the Rings, bars, movies and other ephemera and effluvia.

And what is funny is I know that the first thing everybody did this morning was check everybody else’s blogs to see what everybody else said about the afternoon. I have a bunch of folks to add to my blogroll.

Ron didn’t come along this time though he would have had a good time because there were two former flight attendants there.

Ron is dreading going back to work because he said they aren’t even serving beverage service on the plane. If I bought first class ticket and didn’t even get a beverage service I would be pretty pissed off. People will revolt. The only solution I could think of is to bring lots of fruits with you on the plane – like maybe a big tub of canteloupe or melon since it has lots of water but isn’t a 1) liquid or 2) gel.

Listening to the Illinois Street Lounge stream of www.soma.fm.

Talked to my sister for the first time in a logn time yesterday – she’s doing good and had had a client cancel so we blabbed for a bit. I totally forgot to ask her if she’d seen the descent. She’s going home for her birthday – maybe I can fly home too and we can go see Descent and Pulse together. Hee hee. I gotta think of something for Ron’s birthday (in a few weeks) and my sister’s.

Ron: Do you know who Quasimodo is?

Andy: Yeah he’s the hunchback of Notre Dame.

Ron: But what’s the other movie with the hunchback.

Andy: Did we watch it recently?

Ron: I don’t know.

Andy: Is it horror?

Ron: I don’t know.

Andy: Is it science fiction?

Ron: Maybe.

Andy: Star Wars?

Ron: Yes.

Andy: There’s no hunchback in Star Wars!

Ron: Yes there is.

Andy: Which movie?

Ron: Star Wars.

Andy: Which Star Wars?

Ron: I don’t know! Star Wars!

Andy: Jar-Jar Binks?

Ron: No.

Andy: Boba Fett?

Ron: No.

Then the conversation drifted into further madness:

Ron: There was this movie where the girl is ugly and the three fairies give her a candle that when she lights it she becomes beautiful and so she’s out with the guy and the candle gets blown out and she gets all ugly again.

Andy: Was it on TV?

Ron: No it was on cable.

Andy: I think you’re thinking of Beauty and the Beast with the rose and Mrs. Potts. Was it Mrs. Potts?

Ron: No! Mrs. Potts is a pot!

This is what our conversations are like during a morning shower. But the absolute funniest shower shenanigan recently is when we’re done and drying off.

Ron: Can you dry my back?

Andy: Sure, honey.

I take the towel and in one sweeping squeege drag it down his back just as he says ‘Pat!’ (meaning he’d wanted me to pat his back dry instead of doing what I always do which I had already done)

I laughed for about five minutes.






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  1. Eric Schneider Avatar

    Don’t you love it when communication works so well!

  2. David Avatar

    I spaced on the Blogger party.

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