Washington Post's Coded Language on Kagan

From FAIR:

But this fantasy that New York City is some kind of alien world, where ballet and Baptists are unknown, is the crux of Parker’s argument: “It seems remote to unlikely that a woman whose life has involved Baptist churches and ballet slippers would find herself on a track to today’s Supreme Court, though that ought not to be the case.”… Could there be something else about Kagan that sets her apart from “mainstream” Americans. Well, yes, there is something.  “More than half the country also happens to be Protestant, yet with Kagan, the court will feature three Jews, six Catholics and nary a Protestant. Fewer than one-fourth of Americans are Catholic, and 1.7 percent are Jewish.” Though, again, the Catholics Scalia and Alito are held up as exemplars of ordinariness, so their religion isn’t putting them outside that “mainstream”–you know, the one where people attend churches, Baptist or otherwise. Conservatives have made a trope out of “San Francisco values”–a phrase that mainly serves to link Democrats to the most gay-identified city in hopes of attracting homophobic votes. When I hear conservative media figures going on about New York City, I hear the same thing–only with Jews instead of gays.

via Kathleen Parker’s ‘Mainstream’ Isn’t About the Ballet Shoes.




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