Ron got his flight schedule for next month – he’s on reserve which means he doesn’t know where he’s going – just when he’s working. He can’t sleep he’s so excited about going back to work. He folded and put away all my laundry.

Finally got a decent computer desk after making-do with a bookcase and having the TV in the bedroom really opens up the main room. We’ve already rented and watched Chicago. I get so giddy with the first few numbers in that movie – like when I’m watching a really good play and I want to scream: ‘I LOVE THE FRIGGIN’ THEATRE!’ Now who’s over-emphatic. I still feel like Richard Gere is a weak link in the cast – mainly because of his poor vocals. I’m betting Ron will watch it again tonight while I’m on teleconference.

The new job is working out well. I’m in sort of a lull stage where they’re still finding out exactly what I’ll be doing so I’m enjoying the time by combing through weeks of online discussions and workplans trying to get a better idea of how things work with this company. I need to in earnest start working my way through the big-ass book on MS Project I’ve got.

I have started tape recording my teleclass calls for later streaming in RealAudio and MP3. I always hate listening to my voice because I feel like I sound like such a fucking faggot. It’s the nasal quality mixed with and over-emphatic-ness (over-emphasis?)… I had a monotone boring voice for so many years and I guess I’ve swung the other way (ahem). I just feel like I sound like no one could take me seriously. Of course I then get an email from a listener on last night’s call: “got to your class last night. it was great…i enjoyed your energy and personality.” I even did some vocal warm-ups to try and train my voice down to being a bit warmer and less nasal. Oh well, learning points for all.






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