Voter Fraud Isn't A Real Issue


South Carolina
State officials claimed on Fox News that “900 dead people had voted”.

After a year-long state investigation, the actual number of dead people voting turned out to be ZERO.

*Note: South Carolina only made the study public after being forced to by a judge in a FOI request from the media. Fox has not retracted or corrected the story.

0 out of 1.3 MILLION votes.

(SC still went on to pass one of the country’s strictest voter ID laws “to prevent dead people from voting”)

EDIT: Here are some additional links about the elusive “voter fraud”.

Iowa spent two years and a total $430,000 investigating voter fraud, including a full-time investigator. They turned up a grand total of 15, but only 5 cases were sufficient to prosecute. None were prosecuted as intentional.

5 out of 1.5 MILLION total votes.

Ohio found 17 non-citizens who voted illegally.  None were prosecuted as intentional.

17 out of 5.5 MILLION total votes.

Boulder/Denver investigators found a grand total of zero.

Fox News reported that hundreds of convicted felons voted in 2008, possibly handing the election to Al Franken.

An independent audit of Minnesota election fraud cases found 10.

None were prosecuted as intentional. Fox has yet to correct or retract their story.

10 out of 2.8 MILLION total votes.

The Maine GOP gave the AG a list of the names 206 college students they believed voted illegally in the state. The AG expanded the investigation to include several years, and all types of “voter fraud”. All the students were cleared, 1 case of a non-resident was discovered.

1 out of 717,000 votes.

When appearing in court to defend it’s new voter ID laws, a request for evidence resulted in the state offering the “Applewhite Stipulation” ; where the state acknowledged it could not produce a single case of in-person voter fraud.

0 out of 5.9 MILLION votes.

Texas conducted a multi-year study (2002-2012) and found 18 prosecuted. One of those was a case of someone voting twice.[10]

18 out of approximately 45 MILLION votes over a decade.”

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