Voiceover Actors Whine That Celebs Take Their Work

“Nowadays, you can be unbelievable and you still won’t get a job in an animated cartoon, ’cause you have to be a celebrity now,” Billy West, a voice-over artist, told FOX News. As celebrities bask in the limelight, professional voice actors are being left out in the cartoon cold. The star appeal of celebrity voices is simply selling tickets at a rate that other voice actors can’t compete with.

This is the same complaints when reality TV became the big thing and suddenly the actors unions went crazy. Now you’ll notice that most contestants on reality TV shows just happen to be models or fitness trainers and live in California. They’re all actors.

Yes, it sucks that the current trend is celebrities doing voiceovers but I really don’t believe that with the advent of computer games and an ever growing reach of digital media there isn’t more work to be had in more places. But I’m not a v/o guy so I don’t know the stats.






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  1. SparklesMpls Avatar

    There may not be BIG paying gigls like NEMO and such, but those Disney monoliths always went to celebrities – or at least have been for quite some time now.

    I’m not really in the industry, but I’ve gotta imagine that there are still plenty of opportunities for the everyday cartoon stuff. They don’t have big budgets for celebrities, nor would doing that kind of work really benefit the career of a movie / television actor.

    Get off yer butts and make something work.

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