The Zuckerberg video – – is almost as bad as my worst panic attack ever: In the barber's chair where you have to stare at yourself in the mirror as sweat rolls down your face and bits of hair are stuck to your forehead and you are covered in a plastic sheet with a person hovering over you that you feel awful that they are having to touch your sweating scalp and you can't leave until the haircut is done. Close second: An all-day film shoot of an intimate scene in a tiny room with tons of lights and technicians and I was the only one that didn't speak Spanish. Third worst panic attack: My first few days in high school where I didn't have any friends. Luckily that changed. If you want to know what these are like- think about being fully clothed in business attire in the most humid- no-wind 95 degree summer day and trying to act like it is all just normal. And people think you're having a heart attack or a hard jones for drugs.





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