US Gov't Exposed Thousands to Bacteria for Biowar Test

  • Experimental program
    • Lasted 20 years
    • 239 tests conducted on large numbers of US citizens
    • Harmless bacteria not so harmless
  • Grand Central Terminal (1966)
    • Bacillus subtilis released.
    • Detection devices in place to check air flow.
  • Bay Area 1950
    • Serratio marcescens (colonizes the heart valve) released by spraying boat spraying billions of bacteria onshore.
    • Dozen infections occured – 1 person died.
  • Until a few years ago scientists keeping stocks of deadly bio agents didn’t need to report that they had them.tto CDC.
  • Also discussed: Anthrax 2001
    • First postmarked September 18
    • 1 week after 9/11
    • Indicates foreknowledge of attacks (time it takes to get anthrax, prep it and send it out).
    • Steve Hatfill – person of interest – never charged







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