U.S. Diplomats Urge Bush's Removal

An unusually strident public critique signed by 26 former military and foreign-service officials – says Bush’s policies have proved ineffective and left the United States isolated internationally, according to the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post on Sunday. The signatories include officials appointed by presidents of both parties, who have served on every continent, including nations like Israel, the Soviet Union and Saudi Arabia. (via NewsIsFree)






2 responses to “U.S. Diplomats Urge Bush's Removal”

  1. Scott Avatar

    In other words, the genius cadre whose negotiations only resulted in more weapons for North Korea and Iraq – are complaining that someone (Bush, et al) is actually doing something to solve the problem.

    He won’t do it, but Bush should can everyone who signed that complaint. If you are going to oppose official policy in a public manner, go work at McDonald’s.

    Like all people who disagree with the administration, they must “hate freedom”.

  2. Dave Munger Avatar

    Like all people who apparently hate freedom (based on the way most diplomats ordinarily behave), they disagree with the administration.

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