United Airlines Cancels Pensions: What You Don't Know

One thing that makes the pension cancellation make total sense:

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Update: Hong Kong flight – all flight attendants walked off the plane.

Update: Japan flights being grounded due to mechanics walking.

Update: Flight attendant: “This is Pan Am and Eastern all over again. We’re going to get liquidated.”


UAL Chairman and Chief Executive Glenn Tilton has a severance package that appears to grant him up to $5.1 million under certain circumstances if he leaves the company, according to his employment contract. Other senior UAL executives would appear to enjoy similarly comfortable severance benefits. It’s a safe bet that your average flight attendant or mechanic who loses his or her job doesn’t have a package like that to cushion the fall.






2 responses to “United Airlines Cancels Pensions: What You Don't Know”

  1. rob Avatar

    Keep us up-to-date on UAL problems. As much as I love United, they have really messed things up. I agree if anything needs to be done, a uniform strike must be used, instead of cancelling some flights.

  2. me Avatar

    Hong Kong Flight, all flight attendant walked off except for two, They were based in Hong Kong and wanted to get home. Flight was re-crewed with the most Junior flight attendants in the system and probably have no idea how to work the flight (service, procedures etc….) Flight was delayed for 5 hours!!!!

    I worked my first flight after the pension hearing, and of course, the most senior flight attendant showed up bitter as can be, did not do anything during the flight, she sat in her jumpseat for almost 4 hours, complaining to the passengers.. What would that do? what would complaining to the passengers accomplish? NOTHING! being as opinionated as I am, it took all my might to keep my mouth shut, I did not want to cause any commotion in flight. Once again, it’s the junior flight attendant(me) who had to do her job. I made sure at the end of the flight that what she did was wrong and I suggested to her that she should stay home and cool off for a few days….. she just ignored me and walked away. I am sure I got my point across, but what I really wanted to do was smack her upside the head!!!!!!!oh well,, maybe next time..

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