Tunney Town

I got such a kick today when I went to Ron’s and in the entry way was candidate for 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney – the first out alderman in the city and the owner of Ann Sather restaurants. I’ve seen him and his team at the train stop at least twice a week and I’ve gotten something in the mail from his campaign at least twice a week and here he was making house calls. I will say I haven’t seen any of the other candidates working this hard. They asked if I lived here and I said I was here to see my boyfriend and he asked if Ron was a registered voter and I said, ‘Nope he’s not even a citizen yet.’ But the best part was when Ron called me as he was coming down the elevator and where the hell was I and I got to say, ‘Oh honey, I’m just sitting here with Tom Tunney waiting for you.’ I know I’m a total dork.






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  1. Kris Avatar

    I agree that Tunney’s working it harder than anyone else. He came up to me at the Broadway Caribou Coffee (in its own way, an epicenter of the 44th ward), and I’ve also gotten something in the mail from him at least twice a week. He may be part of the machine, but he’s making it look good.

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