tuesday, november 14

from Mr. Cranky:

I would laugh at the idea of Adam Sandler affecting a speech impediment for a role — if it just weren’t so sad. Doesn’t Sandler have enough trouble delivering his lines in a fashion beyond that of a kindergarten play, without having his mouth scrunched up in some abnormal position?
“Little Nicky” isn’t repulsively bad because of Adam Sandler’s natural stupidity. It’s repulsively bad because there are actually some funny moments in it, but they’re spaced about twenty minutes apart and come out of the movie about as gracefully as multisyllabic words from George W. Bush’s mouth. Harvey Keitel delivers his lines like he’s just come out of the dentist’s office after oral surgery. Perhaps Keitel is only comfortable in a film when his penis is flapping about, and as such is out of his element here. Unfortunately for Patricia [Arquette], her acting is as crooked as her teeth. Patricia, you make millions of dollars a year, fix the damn teeth. I watch you act, and I think of flossing.






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