tuesday, july 24

Lingo came to rehearsal for The Wine Seller (we’re rehearsing both plays in the same community center) and she’d read Sinister and loved it. She said she couldn’t put it down. That, for me, is a very good opinion because she had absolutely no idea what it was about or what to expect – plus she’s been in or seen all of my plays before so she knows what I’ve written before. It was a nice little perk for the evening. One actor out sick – I have yet to have the entire cast present at one rehearsal… argh! Getting some acting work done – still trying to be gentle with ’em and let them find some stuff before I start a little more influential guidance. Very glad I cast Sarah, she’s a great anchor for the cast and we share much common ground. I made post cards for the plays today at Kinko’s. Work sucked. And I’ve got four hours of meetings tomorrow and that totally sucks balls. Big time.






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