tuesday, january 30

Schisse! The blogger site went down and everybody thought they’d lost their blogs. It’s back up now. And I think I have everything working in Netscape now. Fucking cross-browser bullshit drives me out of my mind. Some chat excerpts from tonight:

brit guy: I was talking to the US last week (Boston, IBM) they were thick too!
me: yes – esp in Bahtahn…
brit guy: Yes, you must know fuck in the USA?
me: but fucked off doesn’t mean angry in our slang
brit guy: Oh, OK. Knackered is the same, or shagged in the UK
me: I like knackered.
me: Always liked the term snogging too
brit guy: Is that UK only then? What about bonked?
me: as in we bonked all night?
brit guy: Yep
brit guy: What about wank?
me: masturbate?
me: wanker is like calling somebody a cock
brit guy: Yes but I thought that was UK only, like knob end
me: well people here don’t use the word wanker but
we sorta know what it means
brit guy: and bollocks
me: I love the expression ‘bollocks to you’
brit guy: or just “bollocks”, I even use that with the
me: that means balls right?
brit guy: Yep balls.
brit guy: Be right back, have to dangle the wangle!
brit guy: back, sorry needed to go
me: sure thing – understood
brit guy: Fair answer
me: dangle the wangle… let’s see – we say piss,
use the can, pee, not too many exciting words
for pissing – shake the dew off the lillypad
brit guy: And my favorite toilet expression is “going
for a happy”
me: going for a happy
me: I am so using that tomorrow
brit guy: as in happy-crappy = crap
me: hee hee

brit guy: Worst are squirt and dump
me: ick
me: pinch a loaf

guy: (10:04 PM) my god you have a huge web page I am still reading LOL you must love to type ?
me: (10:04 PM) there’s a lot more to it
me: (10:04 PM) piano training’ll do it
guy: (10:06 PM) I am up to :
I just wasn’t in the mood to be in a mass of sweaty shirtless guys
Like is there ever a time ? lol
me: (10:06 PM) sometimes
me: (10:07 PM) when you’re slightly drunk
guy: (10:08 PM) I lived or shall I say took up residence in Atlanta for a few years and I use to go to Backstreets. Oh I guess I got my recommended daily allowance of shirtless naked men . and most were straight on the weekends. Thank god for booze and loose morals lol . I do so love a straight man every now and again . with a good red wine LOL
me: (10:08 PM) hee hee
guy: (10:11 PM)
You know for someone who came to the gay lifestyle relatively late in life you sure are a fast study . (still reading with mouth open now in aw)
me: (10:12 PM) it’s pretty simple – at least the surface part is – worship youth and over-consume everything: drugs, music, clothes, sex – oh and lots of diva music
me: (10:12 PM) oh and lots of self-loathing
guy: (10:14 PM) you should never hate yourself, thats others jobs.
besides who else looks that good in a tee?
me: (10:14 PM) hee hee – oh and you have to start wearing lycra blend clothes too – see this is just cotton – you can’t see my nipples through it
guy: (10:17 PM) I know I was taking not of the fact your beginning to be perky lol
and no wonder your starting to get anxiety attacts. does your mind ever slow down . Its just overbooked.
My first one was at Kroger . The left side of my face went numb . I thought I was having a stroke. I could just see me dripping drule down my chin as I spoke? Way to much Betty Davis .
me: (10:18 PM) that’s funny
me: (10:18 PM) not funny – but you know what I mean
guy: (10:19 PM) that which does not kill us makes us stronger
me: (10:19 PM) of causes early heart disease

guy: (10:22 PM) would you rather live to be ninty or die young and leave a great body behind ?
I want to burn out every cell .
me: (10:23 PM) hmmm… I sometimes can’t sleep because I’m scared I’ll die before I can get all this art out of me
guy: (10:23 PM) wow you stream inside your head too.
me: (10:24 PM) oh yeah – I’m nuts
guy: (10:25 PM) I don’t think so . well no more than average. sorry I would guess you hate to be average anything
I am on page two of your info and I think my head is swelling If you don’t hear from me again soon please call 911
guy: (10:34 PM) ok I am going to stop reading and just looking into your eyes till I get my mind right again LOL
me: (10:35 PM) hee hee
guy: (10:35 PM) You should include a warning label on that
me: (10:35 PM) what – info over load
guy: (10:36 PM) did you ever wonder if someone said you were so cute they could eat you with a spoon is they would use a soup spoon or a tea spoon ?
why did I think of that ? you have warped me forever
guy: (10:36 PM) my only hope is to delete your homepage cookie
me: (10:37 PM) I would hope they’d use a tea spoon to savor my flavor
me: (10:37 PM) though I’d like to think that I’m no sippin’ tea
guy: (10:37 PM) your a sick bastard god I love you lol
me: (10:40 PM) I am a sick bastard. You are correct sir

j: I think I told you before that I was 19 before I realize I liked guys . I was seduced. no thats not a good word. I was taken into the light by my college roomate A____. we were together for almost five years.
and before him I had been with girls but as soon as I slept with Aaron I knew what sex was suppose to be like . I think I loved him so much I may never have any more left in me .
as I said that which does not kill us makes us stronger . so I got a dog






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