Trying to find someone to

Trying to find someone to replace one of the actors for the final weekend of the show. This actor took this other gig full-well knowing that he probably couldn’t make it to my show in time. That just really frosts my ass. So I’m being ultra passive-agressive and sending someone else in to play him for those two performances. I sent the script to Alan but he’s too tied up with impending husbandhood – he thought the script was really disturbing though. I dunno – I guess it’s sorta freakish – I mean the shit that comes out of my brain is so bent anyway that I don’t think it’s nearly fucked up as it could be until the final few scenes. Offered the role to Jen Joplin and she said she’d do it if I can’t find someone else – so I’ve now tossed it to Matt. Hopefully he’ll bite. I hope.






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