Trans Isn't All About The Surgery

From an AskTransgender sub-reddit:

“Of course, most cis people have that tunnel vision for ‘the surgery’, ‘the sex change’ (please don’t ever use that term – go for genital reconstruction or just gender confirmation surgery). That’s all it boils down to; that’s what makes us special curiosities to cis people – the ‘transformation’. It’s all they can focus on. It’s the first thing they ask about, often-times with no malicious intent, but often with a tone like they deserve a response. Like it’s only natural that we should have to explain ourselves, being the curiosities:

  • “How does the surgery work?”
  • “How real are they (your junk)?”
  • “Do they work like/look like a real man/woman’s?” “How do you have sex?”
  • “Do you plan to get the surgery?”
  • “Have you had it?”

But it’s really rude. It’s exceptionally rude. It’s none of your business….

It’s when you put us in a cage, in the zoo, and focus on how odd we are, or do something similar and put us on a pedestal to marvel at our amazing butterfly transformation; anything to separate us from cis people and make our bodies, our identities, seem constructed and artificial. ”

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