I wonder if the rumors are true that in Maryland, someone was passing out flyers in poor (read: black) neighborhoods about the election on the 6th. And that if you had overdue rent or

I had a really good workout – I was up at 4 – I couldn’t sleep due to Ron’s snoring and I forgot that the gym does not open until 5:30 so I got there a half hour early and so I took a walk down Clark towards Fullerton and back. I love the city when it is quiet and no one is out. It’s like you are the only person in the world – the city isn’t awake yet. Got back to the gym and the ranks of early-morning fitness warriors had gathered. There’s a certain unspoken camaradery with this group – we’re all like: ‘I know how you feel – I had to drag my ass out of bed this morning to get here this early, too’ Work is dumb as always.

I am designing five teleclasses right now. I am going to run each one of them three times during first quarter. I am getting all the scripts and stuff decided now so I can have my entire marketing plan and et cetera laid out and ready to go and so nothing is a surprise and I can pre-load all of my newsletters and marketing efforts.

I made a huge list of things I’d like to get done in November. I feel better having a handwritten list lately. It helps me parse things out day-to-day. Need to inquire about my bonus at work – because as soon as I get it, I have to have a conversation with my boss(es) about my employment status and (lack of sufficient) compensation. SOme good advice that TOdd gave me was to figure out all the possible ways the conversation could go and decide what the decisions and outcomes are for me – because when you are in the heat of the moment, you can back down and weenie out.

The two newbies are picking up the work great – they tell me I can’t go because I’m too much fun and a new employee came by and said: ‘Trudy said you are hysterical in meetings.’ Hee hee. SOmeone has to be the bitter malcontent.

I feel caught in between so many places and positions lately. Lately? Always. I am a habitual over-committer. I need to get better at claiming alone time from Ron. It is so convenient for him to come over and before I know it we are surfing the web and playing Half-Life on LAN and it’s time for bed and he spends the night again. He’s good to have during cold weather though – the boy is like a furnace – like dad. He’s got a cold right now so I hope I don’t get it.

We saw The Ring this weekend and I was mentioning that the film is based on a series of Japanese movies (and novels). Ron said the girl in the well is very similar to a Philipino folk legend – the White Lady. A ghost legend that is throughout all the provinces and is noted by a white dress and her long black hair covering her face. I’m wondering if that was a pick-up from Japanese culture as well. It reminded me of traditional Jewish funerals where they cover all the mirrors in the house so the grieved aren’t concerned about their appearance as they mourn (I think that that is why that is like that).

As I voted yesterday I kept thinking I need to run for something some day. I mean, by the time you get to the end of the ballot I’m just choosing Democrats, women and minorities willy-nilly. I don’t even know what half of these positions do in the city/county/state. Then I heard that alderman get $90,000 a year – that is awesome! I wonder if that includes a pension s well.

Bought some winter woolies at Old Navy. Ever since I moved here I always buy scarves and gloves there because they are cheap – and I usually lose my scarf or hat or gloves at least once a year. No Isotoner gloves for me.

I seem to re-commit to eating better and not eating out at work every other week. I try not to give myself a hard time when I don’t make the time to prepare food for the next day. I find that if I keep my coming home inertia going to the kitchen then I can have dinner ready to go and the next day’s food in the lunchbox. Yes, a lunchbox. Einstein Bagels had lunch boxes on sale for just $3 (with purchase – powerbagel w/peanut butter) so I bought one until I can find a suitable ‘real’ lunchbox like Aliens or Terminator – Ron, of course wants the Powerpuff Girls.






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  1. Darrel Avatar

    I myself am a spiderman fan. 🙂

    I wonder if the rumors are true that in Maryland, someone was passing out flyers in poor (read: black) neighborhoods about the election on the 6th. And that if you had overdue rent or

    …or? Nyargh; don’t leave a girl hanging! 🙂

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