Reflections on the Tony awards:

  • Rosie Perez needs to be prevented from speaking ever again.
  • The two men that were that couple that wrote Hairspray were totally cute.
  • Harvey Fierstein makes my ears hurt.
  • Why do awards shows always try to make the host sing? Just cut to the awards
  • Classy opening with Billy Joel in Times Square.
  • I hope I look as good as Chita when I’m her age.
  • What the hell is Meg Ryan huffing?
  • Hugh Jackman with long hair looks like Kevin Sorbo.
  • Jane Krakowski is still on my girlfriend list.
  • Is it just me or was Twyla Tharp already up and walking before her name
    was called?
  • The speech for Long Day’s Journey was really abrasive (I want to go see
    that play now – I saw a production of it in Straford, Canada years ago and
    bawled my eyes out)
  • “Rose’s Turn” remains one of my favorite cathartic songs along

    • “At last, my arm is complete again.” (Sweeney Todd)
    • “This Is the Hour” (Miss Saigon)
    • And the finale of Assassins






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  1. gerald Avatar

    I think Harvey’s voice is quite enjoyable in an unsual sort of way.


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