Tonight's performances went well. Bruises's

Tonight’s performances went well. Bruises‘s timing seemed a split-second off-kilter but the girls closed the gap towards the end. And the play left the audience stunned – so wonderful. Worms and Bared Soles went well as well. Anthony was my date for the night – I was very happy he enjoyed the plays – he’s always such an honest critic and brings a lot of perspective to things and he thought the evening was very well done… mom called and asked how things went, so did Heather. Just got back from Circuit where I danced for two and a half hours. Spotted a cute guy with the comedy and tragedy masks as a tattoo and invited him to my plays. Also saw Richard’s club crony Todd and freaked with him for a while. I’d had three martinis over at Nick’s beforehand and we watched Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?. Then I had another beer at the club and I think since I was dancing so intensely I danced myself sober. Erik didn’t call at all to hang out this afternoon. That irks me because this is becoming a pattern. I just don’t wait for him anymore. It’s not worth my time. No soup for him. Though I really need to get some soup this week. Like a lot of soup. I’m sitting here with a clay masque on my face and I’m gonna hit the showers. Tomorrow should be a nice ‘day off’. I get a massage at 3:30… woohoo! I’ll need it after dancing and jumping around for 2 1/2 hours. Just think what I could get done if I was on crystal meth!






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