Tokyo Rots

“Tokyo is a nightmare of overlapping infrastructure of different ages, different life expectancies, and different states of decay. Older and heavily trafficked elevated tollways have very large road bed issues, and large cracks have been found through their steel plates.
Japan, outside of The few major cities, is rotting. I truely mean rotting. Abandoned houses, buildings, train lines, bridges, villages, etc. I live two hours outside of Tokyo, and our town used to have 100k people downtown. Now, even with 5-6 other municipalities grafted onto it to support its tax base, it is barely 100k. There are new bridges, schools, and roads. Parts of the city are new and modern. But travel 5 minutes away and there are plenty of engineering examples of decay that leads to failure. Espcially where paint is considered a once-every-twenty-years kinda thing. Decay is easily found, from around rerouted and cut off bridges, abandoned structures, mines, even museums and hotels. … Every town – even the capitals of the regions – have a large section that is the textbook definition of blight. There are plenty of bridges and tunnels that are way past their expected life span out in enaka to study.”

Javbw comments on Japanese students take field trips to the USA to see failing infrastructure: fact or fiction?.






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