Time for a Big Mac

And after all my diatribes against fast food. McDonald’s just gave NPR a grant of over $200 million. I guess that means I have to have a #4 with Coke now. Dammit – why couldn’t have been Wendy’s! I might even Super Size it.






One response to “Time for a Big Mac”

  1. Andy Avatar

    I’m also conflicted on this one to the McPoint of binge drinking. I’ve cussed and ranted and snatched Big Macs out of McFriends hands berating them on the oppression about to hit their McTummies. But I love NPR..a lot. I hate moral dilemmas, McDammit.

    Your quandary is exactly what the big wigs at Mickey D’s wanted. If they throw enough money at their image problem, maybe it will go away.

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