Ticketmaster's the Scapegoat

“Ticketmaster/LiveNation (in cases where they are not the promoter and don’t own the venue) actually only collects about $5 per ticket for themselves. ALL of the other fees on that ticket go to the venue, the promoters and the artists via a contract that dictates how much percent of all other fees go to who. Ticketmaster is actually charging the majority of those fees on behalf of the venue, promoters and artists to give the impression that their concert tickets are reasonably priced. They’re the willing patsy for the venom regarding total per ticket prices for shows. This is why they easily hold onto those exclusivity deals despite the outcry. Ticketmaster will have a hard time being dethroned: Artists, venues and promoters (especially the latter two) who collectively charge “only” $30 per seat for a show would lose a shitload of money if they used a different ticketing agent that also listed the seat price as $30. … Few weeks ago, I ended up running into someone at my watering hole and having this conversation. Turns out, he’s the guy that sets the ticket prices for the premium seating areas. He confirmed everything. He had to add that when artists like Trent Reznor slam Ticketmaster for outrageous ticket prices… that they were still collecting on every single one of those fees. (Highest Draw/Top acts tend to get about 90% of the fees in total, else it tends to be mostly the venue and the promoters getting the fees) Ticketmaster are just the willing scapegoat for bloated ticket prices. You’re not going to accomplish anything by bitching about them because they are willingly taking the flack for their real customers: The people they are selling the tickets for.”

Commenter on Reddit, Fuck you Ticketmaster.






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