thursday, october 4

I ate too much. Today is our Learning Fair at work – we’re showing everyone all the types of online training available to them. Also known as CBT. Computer based training – NOT cock and ball torture. Anyway – we get a free lunch voucher for the cafeteria and I went way overboard. Big time. Then I drank a liter of water. I feel like a big fat bloat-bear. Argh.

I am going to try to coerce Ron into giving me a massage today – the boxing lesson yesterday totally tore me up – my sides, stomach and back are so sore. Maybe Heather will give me a massage too. They get in tonight.

All of these chatty women are about to drive me nuts.

I love being micro-managed. I was in charge of packing all the hardware away for the Learning Fair. ‘There’s a laptop here, Andy!’ Oh, is that what that is? Oh well, I’ll drop the other six machines I’m working on and immediately take care of the one you noticed. Drives me CRAY-ZEE!






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