thursday, october 18

It has been a busy week – I’ve got Alan and Jessi’s wedding extravaganza this weekend and Ron is working all weekend so we’ve been trying to pack in as much Ron/Andy time as possible. He just moved into a new studio apartment this week and is living by himself for the first time in his life. I have the bachelor party tonight – we’re going to a strip club, then drinking, then bowling. Should be a good time. I talked to Alan earlier this week and he said he doesn’t care what we do – he just wants to be around some guys. Evidently the pre-wedding estrogen Vornado is encompassing his household. Spending the night at their house tonight and then tomorrow we have breakfast and then lunch and then the rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner and then I’m spending the night in the hotel room and then we get up and have breakfast again and then we go to lunch again and then the wedding and then the reception. That’s a lot of eating. I gotta find my Xanax. “Anybody need a case to store your baskets?” Going to leave after my 11:30 meeting and go home and do laundry and clean the house so when I come home from the revels on Saturday night I can sleep soundly. My workout program is going well – I’ve gained about four or five pounds in the last couple of weeks. So glad I found a protein shake I can deal with – Isopure. It’s 50g of protein per serving. Trying to have at least two a day – along with normal eating for a total of at least 150g of protein a day. The carbs will take care of themselves. I’ve noticed growth in my arms and shoudlers. Ron’s all nervous that I’m going to surpass him – that’ll never happen – at least not in the pectoral department. We watched some porn on his laptop’s DVD last night. It makes me laugh. Guys just stumbling around Italy falling on eachother’s cocks. It is interesting that the things that get me the most riled up are the kissing and the penetration shots. The most emotional part and the most mechanical. I’m such an extremist.






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