Thursday Night Musings

Ron is on his way over. He is probably going to San Francisco tomorrow to then fly out to Asia with his buddy Gilbert. They are going to Singapore and then to Hong Kong – one of their best friends is working the flight from Singapore to Hong Kong. They’ll be in Hong Kong for a couple days and then they are off for a Bangkok adventure. I think they’ll have a fantastic time.

I’m going to be putting the final preparations on my course with Suzanne that starts next week: Blog Your Way to a Bestseller. Sales are going well and I’m excited to get back into a new course. I finished up teaching Andrea and Tina’s course today – Maryam had joined me and we had a good time teach folks about membership sites.

I’m writing this through Ecto because I feel like I can’t always be waiting for my blog all the time and that it is just one more thing to have to do. So I am going to experiment and see if this is quicker, faster or easier.

I’m doing final preparations on moving the old blogging course to the new learning space and Darren and a friend and I are cooking on a new course as well. There are not enough hours in the day.

I do have a rather fantastic marketing idea for my book that I can’t share yet but it is one of the best ideas I think I’ve ever had and I’m working hard on bringing it to life. I think it will be quite amazing when implemented.






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