thursday, july 26

Matt’s taking the role. Of course tonight one of the actors didn’t show up at all. No phone call. Nothing. What the fuck is that?

Went to Carol’s Pub (Live Entertainment, Hot Sandwiches) – a total dive bar (it’s got Old Style as their marquee). Tonight was karaoke night so we knew there’d be live entertainment but we have yet to see a sandwich – much less a hot one. Karen said she was going to go up to the bartender and say, ‘Can I see the Sandwich?’ As if there’s one sandwich they keep under glass with a little Bunn warmer underneath it so they can qualify to have Hot Sandwiches on their marquee – or what if they just had Hot Sandwich? That’d be funny. Sort of like the Shroud of Turin. Or not. I felt much better after tonight’s rehearsal. I feel like this can all come together. The actors finally realized that they get to run around with guns and be badasses so they were especially peppy tonight. And they’re finally starting to come out of their shells. Lots of laughing tonight – some parts of the play are just too ridiculous.






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