thursday, february 8

As many of you may have read – I’m going through a 10 session battery of massage called ‘structural therapy’ based on the research of Dr. Ada Rolf – this process is also known as rolfing and essentially is a process of releasing the myofascia – tissue that encases your entire body – to put the body back into structural balance. It is really really really really intense deep tissue massage of nearly every area of your body. Well, yesterday was session 7 and as I’d reported earlier this is the session where they ‘go inside the mouth.’ So we’d spent about 45 minutes on the back and shoulders and neck and then Patrick, the massage therapist puts on surgical gloves and begins to massage my mouth. It was very surreal. This was basically to release the upper insertion (origin?) of the neck muscles and especially to target the jaw muscles more directly. After about five minutes on each side he drew his hands out of my maw. ‘No for the really weird part.’ I open my eyes and he’s lubing up his pinky fingers. My entire body clinches – exactly what is going to happen to that pinky finger?? Where is he going to stick that lubed up digit?? ‘You don’t have to if you don’t want to.’ I am barely able to utter the word: ‘what?’ ‘The nose.’ WHEW! I answered back relieved: ‘Go for it. Knock yourself out.’ So he probes my nostrils and massages the sinusues (sini?) and opens the up. This felt really good since I’ve had a lots of sinus crap up there the past few days. But a few brief seconds I thought I was going to get an anus massage. Yikes!

I ordered the thatchel y’all – I got the T design one in black. I’m thinking the other one was too big and I’d just wear my backpack if I had that much crap. Thnx for your input!

I think I’m done chatting with random people online for now. Or at least I’m going to publish a pre-chat orientation exchange to get us past the initial five minutes. Why do people want to know what I like to do and if I like this or that?

you: hey
me: hey
you: straight?
me: sometimes
you: 🙂
me: 😉
you: what do you like to do?
me: dance, drink, party
you: do you want a pic of me?
me: doesn’t really matter since we’re never going to meet
you: you look sad
me: I’m not.
you: aw c’mon smile
me: I don’t take requests
you: do you have netmeeting?
me: yes but it crashes my computer
you: c’mon – i want to chat with you one-on-one
me: we are
you: don’t you want to see who you’re talking to?
me: it doesn’t make much difference
you: do you ever take your shirt off?
me: sometimes
you: do it
me: no
you: I guess you’re busy now I talk to you later
me: bye

I think the massage is making me less emotionally reserved. I find I’m much less tolerant of people’s bullshit lately. I just shouldn’t get on cam anymore unless I’m talking to someone I already know. Argh.






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