thursday, february 1

That cute hottie boy Chris that I posted a few days ago mentioned me in his log. I think I have an e-crush. Or would that be i-crush. I dunno. And gosh, he posted my AmIHotOrNot pic, too. Aw shucks, thanks Chris.

Beth went with me to measure the theatre space so I can give mes acteurs a ground plan tomorrow. We were using the keys I was given to try and unlock the theatre. But the keys wouldn’t fit. I twisted and turned and pushed and pulled. Then Beth noticed the dead bolt lock above my head that I hadn’t even considered. This means something.

I put my chili recipe in the first column to the right. It is really easy and people really seem to like it – it’s true passive-agressive cooking: it’s done in a Crock-Pot. The Crock-Pot was always a cauldron of wonders growing up. The idea that you can put something in there in the morning and come home to a house smelling like green beans or pot roast or minestrone or whatever was just magical. I think more ‘non-cookers’ could impress their friends by using a Crock-Pot. That and the George Foreman Grill which is really and truly the bomb. Da bomb. La bamba. Whatever. There’s this rumor that I can actually cook – it’s all really easy – just take some meat (chicken or fish or beef) slam it on a pan, spice it, bake it halfway, flip it, spice it, bake it more. Put some vegetables (eggplant, green peppers, tomatoes, schwhatever) underneath it and suddenly people think you can cook. Then shred some romaine lettuce and throw a few vegetables chopped up on it and they think you can make a salad. Get a loaf of bread – drizzle olive oil and basil on it and warm it up. There you go. Or get a rice cooker and throw some brown rice in it (remember that brown rice is a more complete carb than white rice – or use basmati rice too – or jasmine). No need to bam. Cooking is easy the Andy way!

I was born for infommercials.

I think CNN Headline News’s Lynn Russel is pretty damn fine. She’s on-camera six hours a day and she doesn’t give a fuck about wearing glasses on camera as her shift goes on. And have you seen her headshot when they have the up-coming anchor spot? Oh yeah, she’s a babe. I was remarking this to Karen, who said that they pre-tape sections of it. Sometimes I think I’m a total retard. Then I remember Alan’s older sister is (that is a long-running joke between him and I so I don’t want any complaints that I against the mentally disabled).

I’m thinking of starting a faith-based organization? Anybody out there want to be a disciple?

Wow. I’m flattered. Somehow my pic is up at’s Husband Gallery with the comment: “I want this guy as my husband! What a suprise to see a pic posted without a cock hanging out!” Part of me was startled – just a reminder that anything you put online is out there forever.

I fucked around with Desktop X and WindowBlinds today. It is pretty cool – it lets your Windows look like a Mac or BeOS or GNOME/Linux or whatever…

Did you ever notice how whenever you see commercials for DSL service the people are NEVER actually using computers. Their skydiving or playing with their kids in the park or firebombing schoolbuses. Okay. Maybe not that last thing. But the technology is barely present in the marketing. Prob’ly ’cause IT SUCKS. If you have called to get DSL installed just lay down on the floor and wail to the gods because it isn’t going to happen in this fiscal year. I called Ameritech for DSL and 6 months later they came over to announce that I hadn’t marked the telephone box the right way. The guy sat their spouting tech-ese to me. Like I give a shit. Something I come back to with design and business in general is that when it comes down to tech or design: THE CLIENT DOESN’T KNOW AND THE CLIENT DOESN’T CARE. They just want products that work and do what they say. Everybody at work lately jerks off about XML and yadda. The client don’ know and the client don’ care.






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