Those Marketers

Yesterday went well. We had over 440 people signed up for the preview call and maxed out the conference call at 250. Had bunch of sales before I even hung up the phone. Of course I’m not satisfied unless I get 440 sales. 🙂

The big success in my eyes is that I’ve got my staff looking at how I do all this stuff and so we are further formulating a master marketing schedule and plan for each project I’m working on. I’m nailing down all the events that have to happen pre-preview, pre-course launch, during course launch and post course launch. I love this stuff, you know that. And I love when it all works like clockwork.

I had a near disaster the night before the preview that will make a great case study someday but is too embarrassing to mention right now.

I’ve got a ton of other courses to get out the door before the end of the year so I’m pretty excited. The challenge is how to not over-tax my newsletter subscribers with so many marketing messages. I always worry about that. I got a lot of unsubscribes this week because my newsletter was strictly a marketing message – with no actual ‘content content’. I don’t worry about that too much – even though I just wrote ‘I always worry about that.’ I think I worry about being perceived as one of those marketers.






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  1. Lisa Avatar

    You’ll never be one of “those” marketers, Andy, because you genuinely care about serving your market. For you it isn’t about inflating your ego (You’re one of the most humble people I know) and it isn’t about how you can milk the most money from your subscribers. The level of integrity from which you operate is something to be very proud of.

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