The Trouble With Glee

The challenge and trap for the producers of Glee:

It is such a hackneyed plot cliche – and not a good one – to have a season build towards major character growth in a season finale and then roll it all back in the next season’s premiere, just so you can lazily elongate the same plotlines you’d been developing instead of birthing new ones. That’s what they did here, even to the point of having severely character-atypical behavior. Now, I know to expect from Glee that Sue is always going to be sabotaging Will with complete immunity no matter what she does; that the glee club will always be irrationally challenged by Figgins and perpetually on the cusp of extinction no matter what its successes; that Will and Emma, and Quinn and Rachel, are going to be worse than Maddie and David, or Sam and Diane. In short, the characters apparently aren’t going to develop but merely keep resetting, and as someone whose bread-and-butter is Joss Whedon… that’s one of the most boring things I can possibly envision.

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