The Soup Nazi (Seinfeld)

The Soup Nazi episode may be a perfect episode of television sitcom. A handful
of Frasiers and Seinfelds hit the heights of farce and rejoice
in being the heir to Moliere as well as the Restoration comedies of manners.
Ron and I are giddy every time we see the Soup Nazi episode. From the opening
‘schmoopsy’ argument to the wild-eyed stare down of Elaine at the end as an
extra reveals her holding a cache of the soup-man’s recipes and she says ‘Hello…’
and the build up to her crazed primal scream of “NEXT!” (By this time
Ron and I are holding on to eachother and bracing to cackle) This episode may
have helped defuse decades of connotation of the word Nazi. We now have grammar
nazis and computer nazis and despots of all ilk and kind. Again, it’s the technique
– the tightness – that I admire. The wildness of the plotting is fantastic –
but it’s the tight attention to pacing that truly shows masters at work (and
is so obvious when watching the first season’s epsiodes).






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