The Shop Teacher and the Car Keys

“The older auto shop teacher at my high school made me chuckle one time. We were in the middle of class when this middle-aged woman (guest speaker for some other class) comes strolling in and says “I need to get my keys out of my car now. I guess I locked them inside” My teacher gives her an odd look and says OK. He then proceeded to walk over to her car, fish around with the “slim jim” and pop the lock. He leans in and picks up her keys, all the while she is not saying anything. Half-jokingly he tells her it will be $20 and she laughs and makes a quip about how the teacher must be so desperate for money that he charges extra for “part of his job.” The best part was when he responded with, “No ma’am. You locking up your keys is not in my job description.” He then threw the keys back in, locked the door, shut it, and proceeded back to the class.”

Reddit: What’s the most ungrateful thing you see someone do?.






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