The Seven Habits of Effective

The Seven Habits of Effective Web Sites from Webreference

I’d like you to
perform a simple exercise: Compare a few Web sites that are designed internally, by the same people who run
them and expect to get results from them (examples:, Yahoo, Google) and others that have
been outsourced to Web design firms or internal Web design departments by businesses whose primary area of
expertise is not the Internet (Examples: The much-ballyhooed Volkswagen Turbonium site, or the site for the
summer blockbuster Gone in 60 Seconds). You might also be mystified by the fact
that the former sites get millions of hits a day, with people coming back and reading them all the time, while
the latter will occasionally attract a bored Web surfer that will look at them and be briefly surprised by the
moving images and loud noises before going back to watching MTV.






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