The Same Shorts

Is it just me or is everyone wearing the same khaki Gap cargo shorts either from this summer or last year?







3 responses to “The Same Shorts”

  1. Alan Avatar

    It’s not you. They are. It’s kind of disturbing.

  2. JB Avatar

    Don’t look at me. Mine are green ones from Next. Gap just don’t seem to be up to much here these days. Now if I could just find somewhere that sells those Abercrombie things…

  3. Jeanine Avatar

    Isn’t it interesting that khaki is a color in addition to a style/fabric?

    My legs are not likely to ever show up in a pair of shorts again, but I do wear the color A LOT. I have sort of fallen in love with it!

    BTW, Andy, I read your profile and I am also an INFJ. Always nice to meet another one!

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